Event: 28th Conference of the Working Group Sustainability / Soil Protection

Soil Ecosystem Services in Agricultural Landscapes on the example of Hedgerows

Bodenkarte | Quelle: Atlas der Donauländer, Österreichisches Ost-und Südosteuropa-Institut, Wien 1984
Bodenkarte | Quelle: Atlas der Donauländer, Österreichisches Ost-und Südosteuropa-Institut, Wien 1984

Best Practices & Multiplier Training for EU-Mission Soil Health and FoodContributions to enhance Soilprotection, Productivity, Climate Change Adaptation & Biodiversity

In this conference participants will share and discuss recent information on the vital role of hedgerows in agricultural landscapes in the Danube region and other parts of the world. It is well and for long established that hedgerows contribute significantly to improved micro climate and wind erosion control in open landscapes. This has been the main motivation for regions such as Lower Austria in the middle of the 20thcentury to assign their land reform authorities to support the development of hedgerows in cooperation with the farmers. Since then, numerous other functions and ecosystem services of hedgerows have been explored, including benefits for crop production, climate change adaptation, soil protection, biodiversity and flood prevention. Recent studies and practical experience impressively demonstrate the multiple functions of hedgerows.

This conference will provide a forum for scientists and innovative practitioners to share their data, views and experiences, and to discuss future perspectives and further developments. Presentations will be given at BOKU ́s University and Research Centre Tulln (UFT). The program will also include related presentations on soil monitoring. Real world examples of hedgerows and their services will be demonstrated and discussed during field excursions to the demonstration farm Binder in Untermallebarnand to the Grand Farm at Absdorf. The conference will serve as open forum for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and know-how between different groups of stakeholders interested in hedge rows and their benefits for humans and the environment.


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Date & Location

Wednesday, September 15th & Thursday, September16th, 2021

UFT / Boku Tulln, Konrad Lorenzstrasse 24, 3430 Tulln An Der Donau / Österreich
Franz Binder / 2011 Untermallebarn
Grand Farm / 3462 Absdorf

Invitation & Program

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